18 Maggio 2024
“Optimal Heart Health and Quality Time for Your Pet” is my goal

Who Am I ?

Dr. Andrea Gladuli graduated in Parma (Italy) in April 2001, among the first students of same age to graduate. After a first work experience in Spain, he started a two years internship in Milan (Italy): at the Clinica Veterinaria Malpensa he also had the opportunity to develop his interest for cardiology by assisting Dr. Roberto A. Santilli (DVM, PhD., Dipl. ECVIM-Ca). In 2005 Andrea graduated Master Degree (MS) in small animal Cardiology at the University of Turin, Italy.
Dr. Gladuli has progressed in his specialized training through periodical visits to other internationally renowned cardiologists as Michele Borgarelli, Claudio Bussadori, Gino D'Agnolo, Oriol Domenech, Virginia Luis Fuentes, David Sisson, N. Sydney Moise, Bruce Kornreich, Sophy Jesty, Anna Gelzer, Mark Kraus and Mark Rishniw.
He worked 3 years as referral specialist in Cardiology in Italy in the Liguria region. He then moved in 2009 to the USA for one year, to join the team of cardiologists from the prestigious College of Veterinary Medicine of Cornell University, Ithaca (NY-USA), invited by Professor N. Sydney Moise. With Professor Moise he is co-author of two articles published in the Journal of Veterinary Cardiology (JVC), magazine of worldwide reference for veterinary cardiology.
Back to Europe he has been leading the cardiology department of the Hospital Veterinario Valencia Sur for three years. After that he moved to Finland becoming a professional of reference for Veterinary Cardiology in this Country.
Dr. Gladuli had been speaker at the Italian Veterinary Society for Arrhythmology and Electrophysiology (GACVI) conference and at 1st "Intermediate level Course of Veterinary Cardiology" at the Clinica Avanza in Valencia, Spain. Dr. Gladuli had also been organizer and speaker at the First National Congress of Veterinary Cardiology in Valencia, which has also featured other speakers as the famous American Cardiologists N. Sydney Moise and Bruce G. Kornreich.
His areas of research/interest include Electrophysiology and Arrhytmology, with particular focus on holter study of the influence of the autonomic nervous system on the sinus node activity, the Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy in the Boxer dog, and the treatment of cardiac failure.
Dr. Gladuli is currently a member of the European Society of Veterinary Cardiology (ESVC).
Andrea lives in Helsinki with his son Daniel and his two cats Wendy and Tarsisio. When work schedule allows it, he likes to spend his free time running in the woods or going to the cinema or watching his son play football.

"The heart of your pet is now in good hands"

What is a veterinary specialist

In order to become Specialist, a veterinarian have undergone extensive post-graduation
training, including a one-year internship, demonstration of meaningful contributions to
veterinary science, publication of research findings in journal articles, and completion of
a rigorous, multi-day specialty board exam.

A Veterinary Specialist may be consulted when an animal’s condition requires specialized
care above and beyond that which a regular veterinarian can offer. Many Veterinary
Specialists require a referral in order to be seen. After treatment, a Veterinary
Specialist may stay in close contact with the referring veterinarian to provide ongoing
treatment suggestions and advice.

Our Veterinary Cardiology Service is committed to provide an exceptional level of care
for dog and cat patients suffering from various cardiac diseases. Your pet will receive the
highest quality veterinary care from our specialist.

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