18 Maggio 2024


List Of Services

° Evaluation of murmurs

° Evaluation of cough or trouble breathing

° Evaluation of exercise intolerance

° Breed screening for congenital heart disease (Suomen Kennelliitto)

° Diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart disease

° Breed screening for acquired heart disease (Pawpeds, Suomen Kennelliitto)

° Diagnosis and treatment of valvular heart disease

° Diagnosis and treatment of cardiomyopathy

° Management and treatment of congestive heart failure

° Diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmias

° Evaluation of and treatment for episodic weakness/syncope

° Diagnosis and treatment of hypertension

° Diagnosis and treatment of pericardial disease

° Geriatric evaluation

° Pre-anesthetic evaluation

What’s included in the price

° Consultation (short): a brief evaluation of the cardiovascular system with careful auscultation done from a specialist. This might be the case of an animal which is seen for other reason than cardiac but the referring veterinarian believes that there is a need for ruling out a cardiac involvement.

° Consultation (long): a deep specialized evaluation of the cardiovascular system focused to confirm the presence of cardiac signs previously discovered by the referring veterinarian. It always involves an auscultation and a thorax X-ray interpretation done by the cardiologist.

° Consultation and ECG: the electrocardiography is the elective additional exam to perform anytime the cardiac rhythm results abnormal at the auscultation. And, it is a useful tool for discovering predispositions to develop rhythm abnormalities in certain breeds.

° ECG, with other procedure: it is also an important test to perform before any kind of anesthesia, especially in geriatric patients.

° Clinical examination, auscultation, blood pressure measurement, < 30 min = blood pressure measurement is fundamental in any cardiac patient to investigate the presence of systemic hypertension, a common complication during cardiovascular diseases.

° Blood pressure measurement with some other procedure. Blood pressure measurement it is also important in case of patients with kidney disease, because this can cause systemic hypertension which affects the cardiac function as well.

° Echo examination, and blood pressure measurement. Echocardiography is possibly the most important tool in cardiology permitting to investigate abnormalities of morphology, dimension and kinetics of the different cardiac structures.

° 24-hour Holter monitor. This is a 24 hour ECG that is used to investigate cases where the patient is likely to have intermittent or persistent abnormalities of the heart rhythm that can cause syncope, weakness or even sudden cardiac death. It is also used as a test in some breeds of dogs (Boxer, Doberman) to investigate the presence of irregular heart beats that can occur in some forms of cardiomyopathy (disease of the heart muscle) even while the dog is having no symptoms. This test can also be used when we want to find out how effective is our anti-arrhythmic treatment. This is a non-invasive test where the ECG monitor is fixed to your dog's chest and is comfortable for most dogs. Your dog will be able to do some exercise while having the holter on.

Scheduling an appointment

Please call one of the listed clinics for appointments.

In case of REAL emergency you can call


If you find it necessary to change or cancel your appointment, please call to let us know as soon as possible (otherwise a fee of 100 euros will be charged). Pets referred for specialized services are then referred back to your primary veterinarian for follow up care. Patients that require ongoing specialized care are either managed with a follow up cardiology visit or by phone or fax consultations between your regular veterinarian and Dr. Gladuli

What to bring
Please bring all the pertinent material for review by Dr. Gladuli, so that we will not repeat any test that had been taken already. Please ask your veterinarian to provide a resume with clinical history, recent blood work, radiographs, ECGs. If your pet is taking medication, please bring it with you.

The cardiac workup

First of all, Dr. Gladuli will go through the anamnesis and will review all your medical records. Then the specialist will perform a detailed cardiovascular examination. Depending on the findings, Dr. Gladuli will discuss and agree with you on what kind of tests are needed for your pet. Typically, an echocardiogram is performed in most patients. After the examination, the cardiologist will prepare a full cardio report and will explain you what is the disease, what is the cause of it, what is the prognosis, what the treatment plan, what symptoms to look for in the future; recheck for follow up will be discussed and your questions will be answered. Your visit typically lasts one hour. We will try always to be on time, but please allow delays due to the mobile nature of the cardiology service.

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